Sunday, May 08, 2011

What makes a day special?

Today is Mother's Day... and usually I feel kinda low about it, I think it's an unwritten rule in our marriage book that we don't get each other stuff for holidays and birthdays. It's not that either of us (my husband and I) don't care to do that for each other, we just usually focus on making sure the kids are taken care of. Being a large family there's usually very little left for fun. The past few years have been really tight financially and so I try not to caught up in all the hullabaloo for these sorts of holidays.

Really though? Gifts and fancy stuff isn't what Mother's Day is supposed to be about. Today is about honoring your mother, the one who gave you life or perhaps the one who gave all of her love to you, raised you... kissed your owies, took care of you while you were ill, etc. There's no gift in the world that can compare to what a Mother gives of herself. So anyway, given our pretty crappy financial situation (and some sad news yesterday) I just decided to let go of any and all expectations and enjoy the little things in life.

My baby's smile, my little girl's giggle, my boys words and expressions of love... those things matter more to me than anything else in this world. Today I planted flowers haphazardly in my backyard.. not caring how they were planted, essentially just tossing seeds into the dirt with a smile. Today I took a nap with my baby and enjoyed the few moments of snuggles that she will allow because she is finding her mobility and ready to explore the world. I enjoyed a dinner with my family, cooked by my most wonderful husband. I enjoyed the sunshine caressing my face and the breeze blowing through my hair. I'd say it was a perfect day! Nothing necessarily out of the ordinary but a day to certainly remember and enjoy.

Soon my babies will all be sleeping, snuggly and warm... it's amazing to think that not all that long ago they were as little as their baby sister is right now. It goes so fast but being a Mother is the most precious gift life has ever offered me.

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